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About us crystal music institute

Crystal Music Institute is the finest music school in Dubai, offering a diverse range of musical instrument training. With a legacy since 1993, our music school is proud to be registered with the esteemed Trinity College of London for music learning and certification. Our comprehensive music courses cater to beginners and advanced students alike.

As one of the best music academies in Dubai, we boast certified music teachers who provide exceptional music education in Karama, Dubai. At Crystal Music Institute, we strive to deliver the best music classes, from beginner keyboard lessons to advanced guitar instruction. Our dedicated teachers are passionate about making your musical journey seamless and rewarding.

We provide training in vocals and various musical instruments, including the keyboard, violin, piano, guitar, ukulele, drums, and vocals (Carnatic & Hindustani vocals). Our instructors expertly blend theory and practical lessons, ensuring clear understanding of musical notations.

At our well-equipped music school, your child will thrive in a positive and nurturing environment. With the right mindset and encouragement, their social skills will flourish, building confidence and the ability to achieve more.

What to Expect from Our Music School?

Research shows that learning music and playing a musical instrument accelerates social skills, brain growth, language proficiency, memory, and concentration in children. Additionally, it fosters discipline, a growth mindset, self-esteem, stress relief, and sparks boundless creativity.

Our dedicated music teachers provide ample opportunities for your children to develop these qualities, nurturing their self-motivation. Our structured music curriculum is designed for beginners to easily grasp and embark on their musical journey. Furthermore, we offer different monthly offers, simplifying the admissions process for you.

Discover the best music academy or school near you and experience our exceptional teaching pattern at Crystal Music Institute.

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Founded 1993

Premier Music School in Karama, Dubai Located in the heart of Dubai’s vibrant residential district, our music academy, Crystal Music Institute, is easily accessible via the nearby metro station, making us a top choice for music enthusiasts in the area. You can find us at 18 6 A St – Al Karama – Dubai or simply search for Crystal Music Institute on Google Maps.

We offer a diverse range of music classes, including Piano, Keyboard, Guitar, Ukulele, Violin, Drums, and Vocals (Carnatic and Hindustani). We welcome children aged 5 and above to take advantage of our FREE Trial Class before enrolling. Our courses are tailored to each student’s learning pace, catering to beginners through to intermediate level students. We also provide certification from the prestigious Trinity College of London.

Crystal Music Institute is open daily from 3PM – 9PM, offering flexible class timings to suit your schedule. We encourage prospective students and their parents to visit our studio, experience a FREE TRIAL CLASS, and explore the enriching opportunities at Crystal Music Institute.

Our Vision

Crystal Music Institute envisions becoming a globally renowned music education hub, inspiring and nurturing the next generation of musical prodigies. Our vision is to create a transformative learning environment, fostering creativity, innovation, and technical excellence in music. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and top-tier instructors, we aim to empower musicians.

Crystal Music Institute vision

Our Mission

At Crystal Music Institute, our mission is to be a premier destination for aspiring musicians, providing top-notch music education and training. We strive to nurture talent, creativity, and passion for music through a dynamic and personalized approach. Our expert instructors and state-of-the-art facilities empower students to unlock their full potential and achieve excellence in their musical endeavors.

Crystal Music Institute mission

Begin Your Child’s Musical Adventure at Our Premier Institute At our esteemed music school, we offer top-tier Music and Vocals classes specifically designed for children aged 5 and above.

Studies show that mastering a musical instrument can significantly boost brain development, foster social skills, and improve memory, attention, and concentration.

Institute hours

Monday – Sunday: 3 Pm- 9 Pm


18 6 A St, Al Rawadat, Al Karama, Dubai




052 808 2981 | 052 257 5471