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About Crystal Music Institute

Welcome to Crystal Music Institute, the top music school in Dubai. With 30+ years of experience, we provide diverse music courses for all skill levels. Our qualified teachers deliver exceptional education in Karama, Dubai. Join us for the best music classes, covering vocals, keyboard, violin, piano, guitar, ukulele, and drums. Our fully equipped school nurtures your child’s growth, enhancing social skills and promoting brain development. Experience discipline, self-esteem, stress relief, and boundless creativity through music. Beginners can easily start their musical journey with our structured curriculum. Enroll now and explore the difference at Crystal Music Institute, the best music academy nearby.

About crystal music institute

Institute hours

Sunday – Monday: 3 Pm – 9 Pm


18 6 A St, Al Rawadat, Al karama, Dubai




052 808 2981 | 052 257 5471

Music Programs

music performance program

Music Performance Program

Welcome to our dynamic Music Performance Program, where we foster a transformative learning journey dedicated to preparing students for outstanding music performances. With a focus on honing technical prowess, stage presence, and artistic expression, our expert instructors empower aspiring musicians to shine on any stage. Through personalized coaching and ensemble experiences, students gain the confidence and poise needed to captivate audiences and leave a lasting musical impression. Join us today and embark on a path towards becoming a truly exceptional performer.

Music examination program

Music Examination Program

Embark on a rewarding musical journey with our Music Examination Program, expertly crafted to prepare students for success in Trinity College of London music examinations. Our comprehensive curriculum covers all facets of theory, technique, and performance, ensuring students are well-equipped to excel in their assessments. With the guidance of our qualified instructors and mock examinations, students gain the confidence and proficiency needed to achieve outstanding results. Join us now and witness your musical aspirations reach new heights through the renowned Trinity College of London examination pathway.

What we provide?

Experience the transformative Music Performance Program at Crystal Music Institute. Enhance your musical skills and gain valuable stage experience through our comprehensive curriculum. Our expert instructors guide you in mastering your instrument and perfecting your performance techniques. Unleash your potential and shine on stage with confidence at Crystal Music Institute.

Our Examination Programs

Crystal Music Institute offers the prestigious Music Examination Program in collaboration with Trinity College of Music London. Prepare for internationally recognized music exams and earn valuable certifications. Our dedicated instructors provide comprehensive training to help you excel in theory, practical skills, and performance. Join us and elevate your musical journey at Crystal Music Institute.

Why Crystal Music Institute?

Expert Instructors

At Crystal Music Institute, we take pride in our team of expert instructors who are highly skilled and experienced musicians. They are passionate about music education and dedicated to nurturing your talents, providing you with the guidance and support you need to excel in your musical journey.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Our music programs offer a comprehensive curriculum that covers a wide range of musical instruments and genres. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced musician, our structured courses cater to all skill levels, ensuring a well-rounded music education that helps you develop as a musician.

Performance Opportunities

We believe that performance is an integral part of musical growth. That’s why we provide regular performance opportunities, allowing our students to showcase their talents on stage. These experiences not only build confidence but also enhance stage presence and musicianship.

Collaborations and Certifications

As an esteemed institution, Crystal Music Institute collaborates with renowned organizations such as Trinity College of Music London. We offer certification programs that provide international recognition for your musical achievements, giving you a competitive edge and opening doors to further musical opportunities.

Institute hours

Monday – Sunday: 3 Pm- 9 Pm


18 6 A St, Al Rawadat, Al Karama, Dubai




052 808 2981 | 052 257 5471