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Institute hours

Monday – Sunday: 3Pm – 9Pm


18 6 A Street, Al Rawdat, Al Karama, Dubai



052 808 2981 | 052 257 5471

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Institute timings?

Our institute is open on Sundays to Monday from 3 Pm till 9 Pm

Which age groups can learn musical instruments?

We teach to the kids of 5 years old to adults of all age groups.

What qualifications do our faculty members have?

Our faculty members all are certified from Trinity College of London. Some even have 20+ years of experience.

How many months do it take learn musical instruments?

It takes a minimum of 2 – 3 months to cover the basics. Also, it varies from person to person and their passion.

What programs do we offer?

We mainly offer two programs: Performance & Examination. 

How can I enroll for the music classes?

You can email us at [email protected]

Institute hours

Monday – Sunday: 3 Pm- 9 Pm


18 6 A St, Al Rawadat, Al Karama, Dubai


052 808 2981 | 052 257 5471